Saturday, July 17, 2010

Page rank 3 blog giveaway

I love blogging and contest so I am tell you there is page rank 3 blog giveaway, I am sure you want to find out how to adopt this blog.
Adopt a PR3 Blog Giveaway!

Good news. A PR3 blogger blog would like to have a new home. Care to adopt it?
The Twitterer was created in December 2009 and in just a period of three months, it already reached a Page Rank of PR3 – a status it had retained upto this day. Bloggers who earn online know the importance of Page Rank ratings of their blogs and the myriad of paid posting and advertisement opportunities available to sites with high Page Ranks.

If you would like to be considered in the selection of the new foster parent of The Twitterer, just create a post about what you will do in case you receive a Page Rank 3 blogger blog for free.
Include in your post the logo for the giveaway and the following phrase: “For more information, please check out At Home With Georyl” with a link back to this site. (You can rephrase it according to your own style of writing as long as you place a link back to so that interested parties will know how to join.)

Please leave your entry's post URL as a comment in the post Page Rank 3 Blog Giveaway. The lucky winner will be announced next month.


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