Friday, March 4, 2016

Giveaway MBO Gift Voucher

Sempena Cuti persekolahan seminggu pada 12-20 Mac ni Blog Murni Alysa nak bagi free voucher MBO Cinema. Voucher ini boleh redeem tiket wayang dan makanan sekali tau.3 orang pemenang bertuah akan dapat 2 tiket MBO setiap seorang. 1 tiket bernilai RM16. 

To take part this giveaway, click on the link now.

Sebelum itu kalau nak join GA ni pastikan area tempat anda ada MBO Cinema ok!! Hehehe Voucher ini luput pada 31/3/16.

Good luck, hope I am lucky winner to win too!

Monday, February 22, 2016

9 winners in a contest

I love contest and find out that I didn't win a contest that I joined but at least I have tried. Only 9 winners for the contest but there were many that took part in the contest.

There's another contest that I haven't take part just not sure if I have the time to take part.

Been busy as I have to fetch my kids from school and kindergarten. It's not easy parenting after all also need to guide them in their homeworks.