Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Mysunshine Blog giveaway: Entry 4

This is your chance to show off your poem in Mysunshine Blog giveaway, for more info just click on the link.

Above is one sold item from Mysunshine Blog,
Look how creative this diaper cake,
With baby girl's name Zara Liyana,
This is special and only for her

Thinking something precious for your baby,
Choose Mysunshine Blog,
Personalized diaper cake for your baby,
Your one and only precious one

Shopping online with Mysunshine Blog,
So easy and convenient for everyone,
Everything you need for your baby,
Browse them at Mysunshine Blog

Above is my poem for this contest.

If you love to take part just click on the link above.

What you can win?

There will be two winners!
each gift worth of RM49.90.
each Diaper Cupcake consist of
4 pcs of Huggies disposal diaper size M

1 baby bib

1 baby burp cloth

2 Fisher Price Link-A-Doss

1 handkerchief

1 baby comb

1 adorable gift box + delivery! (Malaysia only)

Pink Diaper Cupcake

Blue Diaper Cupcake

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