Thursday, October 15, 2009

Rosa's baby blog

I love blogging and get to know bloggers on blogsphere. Rosa is one of the bloggers I knew from contest. She is friendly and she is a mama of one baby. Little Inna has got a blog of her own, it is Inna's Wishful Thinking every little girl's dream.

They are many pictures of little Inna at ther blog. Pictures tell a thousand words, you got to see them for yourself. Little Inna is so cute and Rosa is busy to take care of her. Both of them like pink and yellow colours.

Rosa is married to American man, you can see her profile picture of her and her hubby. This is not just a blog for little Inna as Rosa is blogging about her thoughts too. It has been sometimes she not update the blog, I hope she is doing well, if you like to share your parenting skill be sure to click on the link above.

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