Sunday, March 11, 2012

My Pinky Moments

I love contest and you are looking at My Pinky Moments contest, this contest is held by

Hadiah-Hadiahnya :

Tempat Pertama : RM150 + Duit Kertas RM20 baharu

Tempat kedua : RM80 + Duit kertas RM1 dan RM5 baharu

Tempat ketiga : RM50 + duit kertas RM1 dan RM5 baharu

Hadiah saguhati x 10 pemenang = RM10 Cash/top up

Like terbanyak = RM30 cash/top up

Cabutan bertuah peserta 1-30 ,3 pemenang = RM10cash/top up

Peserta lelaki pertama join contest = RM10cash/top up

(Mungkin bertambah jika penaja bertambah,currently RM80 akan di addkan later)

Below entry for MY PINKY MOMENTS.....

I love pink and there goes pink ribbon on my face :D

My pink moment, pink gloves and more... oh boy is this really me?
Picture above is my son.

Contest ends on 31 March, 2012, to take part just click above link and check out the detail on how to take part. Good luck!

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